New Builds & Modern Homes

new_builds_300All new-build homes in England have to be rated in a code for sustainable homes under Government building regulations.

SIPS Southern Ltd – a company closely associated with AK Assistance – makes Structural Insulated Panels which can, unlike most building methods, actually exceed the most stringent of these regulations and turn a property into a zero carbon home.

The panels are far easier to build and in a far quicker time than conventional builds. They are so structurally sound that homes made with SIPS have withstood earthquakes and hurricanes in Japan – and a tornado in Georgia, USA.

And while installing SIPS may work out a little more expensive you will not only save on labour costs – you will also save a huge amount on your fuel bill by installing SIPS.

AK Assistance know of one property in Croydon, Surrey where SIPS was installed which went on the market. Agents handling the sale asked to see the fuel bills. “The gas bill had become irrelevant to the people living there” says AK owner Arron Davies.

“It wasn’t high up on their agenda. “Even in the middle of the very cold winter of 2010 – 2011 they had the heating on for just two hours. “That kept the property heated for four days.”

This backs up SIPS claims that homes made with the product require little or no heating – just the electrical appliances like computers, TVs, fridges and light bulbs are usually enough to heat a SIP home – with ventilation installed to ensure homes don’t get overheated!

And owner Arron Davies, who has worked in the construction industry since leaving school is no stranger to new builds – he built his first house in Orpington, Kent at the age of 21.